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Everyone has different reactions to finding out they’re pregnant. Some women will be delighted; others will feel shocked or worried. Everybody will need time to think and gather some information and advice about what to do about an unplanned pregnancy.

If you do not want to terminate the pregnancy and you do not want to parent, you can choose to place your baby for adoption instead. Choosing adoption in Las Vegas is a healthy and loving choice and can be a great experience with the help of professional, experienced, compassionate support!

We are the local adoption agencies that can help pregnant women, couples, birth mothers, and/or birth parents now. Adoption Choices of Nevada can meet face to face or video/Zoom, based on your comfort level. We are an open-minded agency; we will never judge you for your situation nor choosing adoption! Our professionals make the adoption process easy to understand for you.

When you place your baby up for adoption in Las Vegas, you will no longer have parental responsibility for them. You will relinquish your parental rights and they will be transferred to your child’s adoptive family. Once adoption is finalized with an adoption order, it is final and permanent.

We know you have a lot of questions and we can help! It’s important that you find out as much as you can about the adoption process before making the final decision as this is a major life-changing choice for you and your baby. Our adoption specialists would love to answer any of your questions about our program, and to assist you in making an adoption plan that will work for you.

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Adoption Las Vegas: Adoption Agencies in Nevada

As a pregnant woman and future birth mother, you may have questions coming left and right in regards to the adoption process. Questions that may entail financial concerns, medical assistance or the security of your child’s new home are all expected to be asked.

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, your questions are exactly what we want from you. Asking as many questions that you can think up is quite the healthy approach for the adoption process. As the future birth mother, you will naturally want to know every sliver of detail to the adoption process. And that’s okay! You deserve answers.

Working with our local adoption agency means we are here for you and we hope you feel encouraged to ask the questions that matter most to you. Many of our professionals are birth parents, adoptive parents, or adoptees. We have the experience to help.

Customizing Your Adoption Plan in Las Vegas, Nevada

custom adoption plan Las VegasAdoption plans are customized based on your unique circumstances and your wants and needs for your adoption journey. The best part about an adoption plan is that you are in control of your adoption. Making a modern adoption plan with Adoption Choices of Nevada  gives you tons of choices! You will be able to decide what type of adoption plan is best for you and your baby. This includes choosing your baby’s adoptive parents based on personal preferences, how much communication you’ll share with them.

A few questions to ask yourself as you create your custom adoption plan includes:


  1. What kind of adoptive family would I like to place my child for adoption with? A family that lives in a bigger city, or one who lives in the country? A family with children, or a couple who doesn’t have any kids yet? A family of teachers or doctors? A stay-at-home mom? A same-sex couple?
  2. What kind of contact do I want with the adoptive family before my baby is born? Phone calls? Emails? Visits?
  3. What kind of contact do I want with my child and the adoptive family after the adoption is finalized? Emails and pictures? Phone calls? Visits?
  4. How do I want my hospital stay to go? Should the adoptive family be there? How about my family? Do I want to hold my baby? Name the baby?

Your adoption plan is like a road map, created by you. It gives us directions, the adoptive family, and keeps your own thoughts and emotions organized. You will work closely with our adoption specialists to make decisions and create an adoption plan that works for you. Remember we are here working for you because we want you to know you have unwanted pregnancy options.

Adoption Choices of Nevada in Las Vegas: Licensed, Local Adoption Agency

Adoption Choices of Nevada is licensed by the state of Nevada as a child-placing agency. We are committed to providing professional, ethical adoption services. Our professionals work with birth parents that are considering placing their unborn or newborn baby for adoption. We offer counseling, support services, and financial assistance.

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