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Facing an unplanned pregnancy and need help on what your steps are? Adoption Choices of Nevada is here to help! We have provided you with a quick guide on what your adoption plan can look like. The first step is understanding your pregnancy options, then deciding if adoption is right for you, and if so, choosing an adoption center. 

There are three main options you can choose from when you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Las Vegas. The first is choosing to raise your child and parent them, the second is terminating your pregnancy, and the third is choosing adoption. All of these options can provide pros and cons. Every birth mother’s story is different, so what looks best for you may not look best for another. Consider your resources, your personal life, and the pros and cons of each option. There is no shame in whatever decision you make! 

If you’ve decided adoption is the best option for you and your child, then the next step you will want to consider is the adoption process and plan you want for you and your child. If you’re wondering how to place your baby for adoption in Las Vegas, there are a variety of steps you want to take. These can include:

  • Contacting an adoption center 
  • Talking to an adoption counselor 
  • Creating your adoption plan and choosing the type of communication you want with your child and their adoptive parents.
  • Choosing an adoptive family 
  • Adoption finalization through Las Vegas courts 
  • Post-placement resources 

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Las Vegas, you may be overwhelmed with all the decisions you need to consider and what is best for you and your child. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are here to help you with whatever you may need. We can help you talk through what is the best option for you, the best adoption plan that works for you and your child, help you choose an adoptive family, all while providing you with different resources and services to make the adoption process smooth for you. Contact us today with any questions!  

We would love to answer any of your questions about our adoption program and services. We would love to assist you in making an adoption plan that will work for you. Contact Us at 702-474-4673 (Las Vegas) or locally at 775-825-4673 (Reno).

Content Author: Katherine Doherty

What Are The Steps For an Adoption in Vegas?

The goal of an adoption process is to complete three simple steps:

  • Choosing an adoption type.
  • Finding the right adoptive family.
  • Using Adoption Choices of Nevada services that are available and eligible for you. 

Adoption types:

  • Open Adoption is when you would like a personal relationship with the adoptive family. This includes consistent communication that is good for you. Types of communication are scheduled in-person visits, video and phone calls, and personal emails and letters with pictures of the child’s progress.
  • Closed Adoption is when you do not want a relationship with the adoptive family. You think there should be no form of contact with them or your child for the foreseeable future.
  • Semi-Open Adoption is less personal and has more boundaries. The forms of communication are similar to open adoption. However, they are less frequent and professional. Adoption Choices of Nevada mediates them.

Questions to consider to find the right adoptive family you trust:

  • Do you want the adoptive family to live in a nearby location or farther?
  • Do you want an upbringing similar to yours growing up or what you think is right?
  • Would you want an adoptive family with similar morals and values as you?
  • Would you want the adoptive family to share a similar ethnic or cultural background, or it’s not a preference?
  • If you are religious, do you want an adoptive family with the same religion, no religious affiliation?

Adoption Choices of Nevada has many services for you to use. Check out more about the adoption process in Reno here.

  • Financial Assistance can be found through our particular loans and grants. We can also assist in paying for rent, transportation, phone bill, maternity materials, groceries, and other expenses if eligible. 
  • Medical Checkups we can help with, if you have a primary doctor or not, we can help schedule consistent checkups for your physical health, including the child. We have a list of doctors at our agency who will gladly be your primary doctor if needed.
  • Housing is an option for anyone who has certain living circumstances. We have a list of options near you where you can stay during the adoption process.
  • Birth Plan is something that is discussed with your doctor. You plan out how every aspect of your pregnancy delivery will play out. This can include the location, how the birth will go, and what people are in the delivery room.
  • Free Counseling services are here during and after the adoption process. You can take as much time as you need with our one-on-one or group counseling sessions. We take your mental health seriously, and if you need someone to vent or share your feelings with, our doors are always open. 

Now that you are well informed of what an adoption process entails, we hope you choose Adoption Choices of Nevada as your adoption agency in Las Vegas.