benefits of a Vegas adoption

Benefits of a Vegas Adoption

What Are The Benefits of A Las Vegas Adoption?

You are a birth mother in Las Vegas, Nevada, who wants to place your child for adoption. But, you’re nervous, anxious, and confused about the adoption plan, adoption process, and what unexpected pregnancy services a Las Vegas agency offers. We at Adoption Choices of Nevada will explain the benefits of a Las Vegas adoption in simple terms and explanations. To get started, please continue to read along and find out how to get started. 


How to Start A Las Vegas Adoption Plan?

The first steps to an adoption plan are choosing an adoption type and choosing an adoptive family you trust. With that being said, there are three adoption types:

  1. Open Adoption can be an open relationship between the adoptive family and child. You want consistent communication and a personal bond. Forms of contact and communication include video and phone calls, in-person visits, and emails and letters. 
  2. Semi-Open Adoption is a mix of closed and open adoption. You want to have a personal relationship with the adoptive family and child. However, you want it to be most professional and once in a while. You decide the amount of contact and communication to keep. Your options can be emails and letters, photos and information about the child’s upbringing, video and phone calls, and scheduled in-person visits.
  3. Closed Adoption is when you do not want any personal information exchanged. You make the final decision and decide to give your child up to the adoptive family. No forms of communication or contact are exchanged afterward.

For choosing an adoptive family, here are five questions to consider. Remember, these are just suggestions. The adoption process is created by your final decisions. 

  1. Location: Would you like the adoptive family to be near your county, in another state, another country?
  2. Upbringing: Do you want your adoptive family to have similar upbringing values as you, or something completely different, in between?
  3. Family Dynamic: Does it matter to you what type of adoptive family dynamic your child is raised in? Would you prefer a family with children, adopted children, no kids, specific career paths, or a same-sex couple?
  4. Religious Affiliation: If you follow a religion, do you want the adoptive family to have the same beliefs? Would you prefer a family with a different religion, even if you don’t follow any religion?
  5. Race/ Ethnicity Preference: Regardless of race/ ethnicity, would you prefer an adoptive family with a similar background, or is it not an important preference?

Unexpected Pregnancy Services in Nevada

An adoption process is the overall adoption plan. This includes figuring out what services you are eligible for.

  • Housing: You may be eligible for accommodation if you need it. We have a list of potential homes for you during the duration of your adoption. We understand you may not have a home, are in-between homes, or may not have enough space. We want to make sure you are safe and comfortable. 
  • Birth Plan: Planning your birth is another step in the adoption process that you will discuss with your doctor. You make all decisions that prioritize your birth experience. Some questions to consider are: what type of birth you wish to have, is pain relief medicine necessary, what people do you want in the delivery room, do you want to breastfeed your child, do you want to name your child, what location is the birth?
  • Free Counseling: Processing your emotions and feelings during the adoption process is our service. Counseling sessions that are one-on-one or in a group are available to you. You can talk to a professional about all your hardships, concerns, anything personal or related to your adoption. We want you to learn, grow, cope, and accept that this adoption is a selfless choice you made for your child.
  • Financial Assistance: Loans, grants, programs; we have several financial resources you can apply for that help with your circumstances. These financial resources can pay your rent, transportation fees, phone bill, groceries, maternity materials, and medical expenses if eligible.
  • Medical Assistance: If you do not have a doctor or medical insurance, we can assist in paying off expenses and help schedule medical checkups. We offer a list of doctors who have worked with birth mothers who choose adoption.

Adoption Choices of Nevada is an agency you can rely on. We pride ourselves on providing birth mothers with the proper care and tools to help with their adoption process. In addition, our professional adoption specialists are there to guide and help prepare the birth mother for post-placement and completing their adoption. We understand it can be scary, but with our amazing services and resources at your disposal, you will feel safe, protected, and comforted by us. 

Content Author: Gabriella Maya