Should I Buy a Gift for My Adoptive Parents? Tips for Birth Mothers during the Holidays 

Should I Buy a Gift for My Adoptive Parents? Tips for Birth Mothers during the Holidays 

Should I Buy a Gift for My Adoptive Parents? Tips for Birth Mothers during the Holidays 

As a birth mother in Las Vegas during the holidays, questions of boundaries and expectations may be cloudy. If you’re in an open or semi-open adoption plan, you have the chance to ask your adoptive family anything as you’re getting to know them and after the adoption has been finalized. So, if you’re wanting   to buy a gift for your adoptive parents, you could always ask them. Your adoption caseworker is another resource you can reach out to as well. always willing to help guide you through any and every question you have.

That said, it’s important to remember that you are not obligated to get a gift for your adoptive parents; but, if you want to,  there are many great gift options to choose from. Gifts can range from a gift card to jewelry to keepsakes. If you’ve recently placed your baby for adoption and are still getting to know your adoptive parents, it can be confusing knowing where to start. Don’t worry! We are here to help. Here are some tips to consider when you’re thinking of whether or not to buy your child or the adoptive parents a gift during the holiday season.

  • Think about Your Budget

Sometimes, especially during the holidays, money is tight, so budgeting is a good first step. Think about how much you want and/or can spend.. Narrowing down the price point will help you when you’re shopping. We can help you budget as well, if needed. Overall, it really is the thought that counts, so you do not feel obligated to get something outside what you can afford.

  • Ask the Adoptive Parents What They Want 

If you are in an open or semi-open adoption, then you should consider asking the adoptive parents directly what they’d like. They might have a few things they want or need, or have a general idea to help you get started. This may even open a conversation for you to learn about them as people more. 

Remember that anything you give them doesn’t have to be too fancy. You could give them a holiday card, homemade baked holiday treats or a gift card to their favorite restaurant to express your gratitude to them.

  • Ask Other Birth Mothers 

Reaching out to other women who may have been, or are currently, in the adoption journey may help. There are many blogs and social media accounts you can look through to contact birth mothers. You can ask them what they think of your situation, what they do, what presents they give, etc. This could also kindle a friendship that could help you through any other problems you may face. Having someone who understands and can guide you to the best answers for you will always be needed. 

  • Do Your Research

This could mean generally searching for “appropriate gift ideas for adoptive parents” online for inspiration. You could also go more in-depth by looking at their social media, like Pinterest or Facebook. Something as simple as a picture of coffee or adoption keepsakes can lead you to customized mugs or a Baby’s First Christmas ornament. The ideas are endless if you want to get personalized and creative. 

  • Give from Your Heart

Again, you should never feel pressured to buy a gift, just as you should never expect anything in return. If you want to buy something for your adoptive parents, remember to give from your heart.  Every person and family is different and has different situations to deal with, especially during the holidays. Some people are simple and may just want something small, while others may prefer just to have you over for a nice holiday meal. It is never too late to start the gift exchange for each upcoming holiday season. 

Should I Buy a Gift for My Adoptive Parents?

If you do decide to buy a gift for your adoptive parents, there are so many options and ways to go about that. However, what’s most important is that you communicate with your adoptive parents to make sure that gift giving is something everyone is comfortable with, and that you research ideas that would benefit them and make their holiday season even more memorable. 

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