Starting a Holiday Tradition in an Open Adoption as a Birth Mother

Starting a Holiday Tradition in an Open Adoption as a Birth Mother

Starting a Holiday Tradition in an Open Adoption as a Birth Mother

The holidays are upon us, meaning gifts are ready to be given. Being a birth mother in an open adoption in Vegas has so much joy, especially during this time of year. Along with gifts, traditions may be started. Starting a holiday tradition in an open adoption is something fun and easy you and your adoptive family can look forward to for years to come. 

If you are wanting to start a holiday tradition this year, Adoption Choices of Las Vegas can help guide you to suitable options. No matter what holiday you celebrate, traditions can be started and enjoyed. There are many different and exciting ones to choose from. For instance, you could create a themed gift exchange each year or celebrate on a specific day during the holiday season. 

Fun Traditions for Birth Mothers to Start with Birth Child

  1. Purchase two ornaments each year. Send one to your child and keep one for your own tree. In doing so, you both have a piece of each other on your tree at Christmas. This is a cute idea, especially if you can’t be together for the holidays for any reason. Also, because ornaments change each year, it could give your child something to look forward to, as they will always be surprised. Slowly, over time, your tree will show all the special memories you’ve together, so you can remember them whether you are together or a part. 
  2. Give a gift with the same theme or character each year. For example, a birth mother could choose a gift with a butterfly on it. She could then choose an ornament, shirt, socks, plushie or figurine each year. This would be fun, because when your child sees or thinks about that theme or character, they will think of you throughout the year. 
  3. Talk to your adoptive parents about taking your child out for a day. You could have one-on-one time each year. You could go shopping, see a movie, bake together, go look at Christmas lights, etc. This will be something you both can look forward to and will strengthen your bond. While you’re together, your child can ask questions and learn about your life. This may have to start when your child is a little older, which is perfect if you decide to start a tradition later on.

Fun Traditions to Start with the Whole Adoptive Family

  1. Celebrate the day after Christmas or celebrate St. Nicholas Day with your adoptive family on December 6th. This could be a fun get together that does not make anyone have to skip family celebrations. You could take this time to bake cookies together, make gingerbread houses or decorate together. Also, everyone could look forward to celebrating together, eating dinner, opening presents, and playing games. This provides a good bonding time for you and your adoptive family that you may not have time for throughout the year. You can use this time to reflect together on any fun and important milestones. 
  2. Make a scrapbook together and add on a page during the holidays. Everyone collects pictures from the year and puts them together in a scrapbook. Even though you may not be with your adoptive family, you can all share stories and look back on memories you’ve created. If you want, you could all take pictures together and add that to your scrapbook to watch your family grow together through the years. 
  3. If your family has a different culture or traditions than your adoptive family, this could be the time of year to include them. You can introduce new foods from your culture or, if you do not celebrate the same holidays, you can include some of each holiday. It is always important that adoptees learn their culture if it is not the same as their adoptive family’s, as this will help them develop a stronger sense of self and identity. 

An Adoption Tradition is a Perfect Way to Celebrate and Bond

The options for starting a holiday tradition in a Vegas open adoption are endless. Whether you are in an open, semi-open or closed adoption agreement, you can still develop long-lasting traditions for you to enjoy. Setting a tradition — especially around the holidays — ensures that you always have time to think about your child in a healthy and fun way, and also take time for yourself, if need be. 

If you are in an open or semi-open adoption, you have the opportunity to communicate with your adoptive family every holiday, and get to know each other even more . Your adoptive families will benefit from learning about you and your family, and you will benefit from learning more about theirs and how your child is doing, bringing you all closer together. Having a set tradition gives you something to look forward to, and is always uplifting during stressful times.

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