Why Choose LGBT Adoption?

Why Choose LGBT Adoption 

Throughout your adoption journey, you will be faced with many choices. The most important of which is handpicking the best family for your baby. All of this, of course, is done out of love. You want to place your baby with adoptive parents who are going to provide unconditional love and support, no matter what obstacles or uncertainties they face in life. Ultimately, you want to find a family to nurture your baby and help them develop into the best version of themselves 

In the year 2020, there are several different family models that can fit this description; so, it is important to understand all of the benefits of looking outside of a heteronormative family structure and into the many benefits of choosing LGBT adoption!

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The History

In the year 2015, the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. With this, the possibility to adopt was suddenly in reach of the LGBT+ community. While some hurdles still remained, this was a huge victory. The fight for parental rights for the LGBT+ community did not end there, however. There was a second Supreme Court ruling in 2017 that allowed same sex parents to have both names present on their child’s birth certificate. The long struggle of the LGBT community to gain these rights still continues today, but several successful adoption stories have come out of this fight.

Tolerance and Empathy

By choosing same sex adoption, you are not only ensuring that your baby will grow up in a good home surrounded by loving family, but also that they will grow into a tolerant and empathetic adult. In most families, these attributes are something that must be taught. However, if your baby is raised by LGBT parents, these traits will be instilled in them at a much younger age. 

Being raised by a gay couple, your baby will develop a unique insight on what it means to possess these traits. Same sex adoption gives your child the opportunity to grow up in a home that is accepting of differences and sympathetic towards all people from different walks of life. Providing your child with a home that will foster these kinds of characteristics will assist them in their journey to become their best self!

Defying Gender Roles

Placing your baby with an adoptive family belonging to the LGBT community can also help him or her to more freely be who they are by exposing them to a family structure that is impervious to traditional household gender roles. Because LGBT parents do not conform to an archaic and binary household structure, tasks are generally divided more evenly among both parents so nothing that occurs in the house is rationalized by expected gender roles. This sharing of duties shows children that fairness and equality is essential in a relationship, which will aid them in developing the emotional maturity needed to grasp this concept.

Normalization of LGBT Adoption

A common misconception regarding same sex adoptive parents and adoption is that it is not a common occurrence. You may feel hesitant to place your baby with a same sex couple or individual for this same reason, however, this type of adoption is more common now than ever before! In this day and age, it is even more common for same sex couples and individuals to have an adopted child in their household than for opposite sex couples. This means that even more LGBT couples have become interested in adopting and providing an amazing life for your baby!

Currently, it is estimated that around 22,000 adopted children are being raised in same sex households and an estimated 2 million LGBT couples are still interested in adopting today. These statistics show that adoption by a same sex couple and individual is no longer something out the ordinary, but rather more normalized than ever before!

Transracial Adoption

Studies have also shown that same sex adoptive parents are more likely to adopt transracially when compared to opposite sex couples. Adoptions outside of the adoptive parents’ own racial background is an important aspect of the adoption world, and many of these transracial adoptions are taking place because of LGBT adoption! This may be because same sex couples and individuals are already considered minorities, and so, upon deciding to adopt, they are more likely to adopt outside of their own race and add even more rich diversity to their family structure.


Another hugely important trait to consider in terms of same sex adoption is the freedom your baby will have to accept themselves and be accepted for who they are. Same sex couples and individuals know what it is like to feel ostracized, and so they will ensure that your baby never has to feel that way. From a young age, your baby will be taught that they should never feel ashamed to be who they are, and growing up in a household built around these beliefs will help your baby to never have reservations when it comes to speaking their truth and being who they truly are!

Is Same Sex Adoption Right for You?

Ultimately, the decision of who to place your baby with falls to your own discretion, but now that you have the facts, you can make an informed choice on the topic of same sex adoption! More and more gay and lesbian adoptive parents are raising adoptees in happy households every day. In the end, providing your baby with a safe and loving environment is the goal, no matter what that looks like!

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