Why Adoption is Not Giving Up

Why Adoption is Not Giving Up

Why Adoption is Not Giving Up

Do you believe that choosing adoption is giving up? That you’re throwing in the towel? Because that’s far from accurate. As a birth mother, selfishly choosing adoption takes immense strength and courage. Adoption exhibits your love for your baby. Doing what is best for your baby is what loving mothers do, after all! There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to raising a child, everyone’s situation is different. For you right now, adoption may be best for you and your baby and that is okay!

Adoption is not giving up. Adoption Choices of Las Vegas will guide you through the adoption process, which is akin to giving a gift to a hopeful adoptive family. Adoption is in no way an easy choice for any birth mother. If adoption is best for you, our adoption agency will help you experience all the good and joy that comes with it.

Here are 4 reasons why adoption is, in no way, giving up:

  1. Adoption is a Selfless Choice

As a birth mother, there are many reasons to choose adoption. Realizing that raising a child right now is not the best choice for you is mature and exemplifies your love for your child. Looking out for the best interest of your baby and their future is the most selfless thing a mother could do. A mother’s biggest job, after all, is to provide the best environment for her child.

Allowing your child to be raised by an adoptive family who is ready and willing when you may not be is hard to do. Choosing adoption is not something that is easy, and no one can determine whether you are ready to raise a child but you. Not every woman is on the same track, so you should not feel guilty for not wanting, or not being able to keep, your child at this time.

  1. Adoption will Benefit You, Your Baby and an Adoptive Family

There are many benefits to choosing adoption. Everyone involved will grow and learn from the experience and be forever grateful. Adoption for your adoptive parents may have been their last choice to have a family, or something they have wanted to do for a very long time. Your baby will also benefit greatly from your selfless choice for many years to come. 

You will benefit a lot by just knowing that your child is in a nurturing and loving environment. An unexpected pregnancy can withhold you from finishing or starting school, starting a new job, moving, traveling, saving up money, etc. But putting your life on hold is not your only choice, especially if you are not ready to have a family of your own. It will be more beneficial to raise a child when you are ready and happy. 

  1. Choosing Adoption is Not Easy

Adoption is something that can cause a lot of emotions. It takes a lot of courage and strength to choose adoption. As a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption is a very selfless and loving choice to make for you and your baby.

However, that does not mean that placing your baby for adoption is an easy decision to make. Far from it. That’s why it’s important to learn all you can about your unplanned pregnancy options, talk to your doctor and consult with your counselor to help you determine the best option for you and your baby. Many pregnant women fear that choosing adoption means they are “giving up” or failing as a mother. If you feel this way, too, know that putting your baby up for adoption is exactly the opposite. By ensuring a better future for your child, you are proving how much you deeply love and care for your child.

  1. Adoption Allows You to Be as Involved as You Want to Be 

During the adoption process, you are able to choose the type of adoption you want. If you choose semi-open or open adoption, you have the option to keep in contact with your baby and the adoptive parents for many years to come. This, in turn, means that you can still be a big influence in his or her life. 

If you choose closed adoption, you will try to choose an adoptive family who will raise your child with similar morals and characteristics to yours. You invested in their future which in no way is giving up. No matter what type of adoption you choose, your choice is valid because it is what is best for you, which is, inevitably, what is best for your baby.

Adoption is Not Giving Up

Adoption is not an easy choice for any birth mother to make. However, if you determine that adoption is best for you, our adoption agency will help you experience all the good and joy that comes with it. 

Perhaps part of your reservation with adoption has to do with the term “giving up baby for adoption.” This is very understandable. Yet, this specific term is outdated and promotes a false image that has caused concern and doubt in many birth mothers. When you choose adoption for your child, you are not “giving up.” Adoption is not giving up. It is providing a positive and fulfilling future for both you and your child. 

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