The Three Types of Adoption: Which is Right for You as a Birth Mother? 

The Three Types of Adoption: Which is Right for You as a Birth Mother? 

The Three Types of AdoptionWhich is Right for You as a Birth Mother? 

As a birth mother, there are three types of adoption to consider. Birth mothers have full choice of how much they want to stay in contact with their adoptive family. Adoption Choices of Las Vegas will guide you and explain what open, semi-open and closed adoption means so you can choose which is most suitable for you. Your assigned adoption caseworker will further discuss each type of adoption along with various other aspects of the adoption process in Vegas.

Here are short explanations of the three types of adoption.

  • Open Adoption: means you have full contact with your child’s adoptive family. Open adoptions are becoming more and more popular as people begin to realize the beautiful reality of birth mother and adoptive family relationships. There will be continuous contact between you, the adoptive parent(s), and your child. Adoptive families and you will discuss how and when you will be in contact once the adoption has been finalized and exchange contact information.. This may include phone numbers, social media accounts, emails and addresses. Planning how you and your child’s adoptive family will be in contact is essential, as it will ensure a more successful adoption journey and all you to watch your child as they grow up. 

As a birth mother, you will be able to answer your adoptive family’s questions throughout the child’s life. Being that more and more birth mothers are choosing open adoption there is more of a community for birth mothers. Being in the know of your child’s adoptive family as years pass will leave you with all the answers you may have worried about if it was closed.

  • Closed Adoption: is the opposite of an open adoption in that there is no information shared. This type of adoption is when neither the birth mother nor adoptive family know about each other. If privacy is important to you, and you don’t want to be involved in your child’s life at all, a closed adoption may be the best choice for you. 

If you choose closed adoption it is probable that you will feel more of a sense of closure. If you want a degree of privacy about your decision you will benefit from a closed adoption. 

  • Semi-Open Adoption: includes some identifying information that is shared between birth mothers, adoptive parent(s), and your child. There is less contact than in an open adoption, but it is not fully closed off. Some birth mothers who chose semi-open get regular updates and photos of their child, so they can have peace of mind that he or she is doing okay, but don’t have direct involvement in their lives. 

This is a seemingly perfect middle ground for birth mothers. You can communicate with the adoptive family but not feel obligated to be fully present. You will be able to answer questions and be aware of your child’s life. It is beneficial in many ways for both you and the adoptive family. Boundaries will be set before the process is finalized. 

There is no right or wrong choice of which type to choose. Only you know what is best for you. Each and every birth mother is different; therefore, each adoption process is unique, yet valid. 

Remember that You Have Control of Your Vegas Adoption Plan

Overall, there may be advantages and disadvantages to look at within each type of adoption, but whichever choice you make is valid. Your level of contact is up to you! You make the decisions during the process with our guidance. 

Every birth mother and adoption process is different so there are no wrong answers. There are many aspects of the process to think of but you will not do it alone. It can be hard to make decisions but you are not the first or last person to make them. Adoption Choices of Las Vegas wants you to be happy with your choice and will guide you to that decision. 

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