Six Gift Ideas to Make Adoptive Fathers Feel Special this Father’s Day

Six Gift Ideas to Make Adoptive Fathers Feel Special this Father’s Day

With Father’s Day right around the corner, many sons and daughters will be searching desperately for the perfect gift. However, the challenges of finding the idealistic father’s day gift for adoptive fathers is often overlooked. Adoptees share a relationship unlike any other with their fathers, and so it is important to find a present which commemorates that bond. If you can relate to this feeling, you’ve come to the right place! These personalized gift ideas are sure to make any adoptive father feel special and appreciated!

1) Adoption Triad Necklace 

This necklace is the perfect way to showcase the immense role which adoptive fathers play in the lives of their child(ren). A gift like this calls attention to the part which your adoptive father had in the adoption story and how he always put the wellbeing of the child first and foremost.  This sentimental gift will emphasize the role that your adoptive father played in shaping and changing your life.  An adoption triad necklace is a gift idea which will make an adoptive father feel special and appreciated for years after the gift has been given. The meaning behind this gift is sure to resonate with any adoptive father and it may even earn a few heartfelt tears.

2) A Homemade Scrapbook

If you are looking for a gift for an adoptive father who is harder to shop for, this is a great place to start! Putting in the time to gather photos and memories from all of the life-changing moments that have been shared, can show him just how special he is. This is an especially great gift for newly adoptive fathers, as it can document their life as a family going back as far as the day he chose adoption. Tracing the shared life of adoptive father and adoptee will work to put into perspective the tremendous gift that adoption gave them! As far as sentimental gifts go, this one is sure to be a success!

3) A Customizable Fingerprint Family Tree

This is a gift that will get the whole family involved!  By adding fingerprints to your family tree, it can show the individuated differences between each family member, while still emphasizing the connectedness that goes along with a chosen family.  This works to show the adoptive father that, biology aside, the fingerprint of his child will always lead back to him when the branches are traced and vice versa.  Providing adoptive fathers with a tangible representation of the link he shares with his child(ren) can be just the kind of reminder he needs to know how important he really is in your life.

4) A Homemade Memory Jar

Along the same lines as a scrapbook, a memory jar is a great way to remind adoptive fathers of all of the amazing memories shared between himself and his child(ren)!  Customizing a simple mason jar to make it distinctive  to your adoptive father is a great way to make an already personalized gift feel even more special. The contents of the jar are at the discretion of the gift giver.  

Here are some ideas to start off: 

  • post it notes depicting important moments shared between the father and his chosen child(ren) which they can reminisce on together 
  • pictures from pivotal moments (dated with the year if you can remember it)
  • a list of important places in their lives where the two of them can revisit and make even more memories! 

For newly adoptive fathers, just decorating an empty jar to fill up as they build their lives together can be incredibly meaningful as well!

5) Home Décor Engraved with the Date of Adoption

Gifting an adoptive father with a piece of wall art, or another form of home décor to hang in the house which has the date of the adoption engraved into it, is a great way to provide a constant keepsake of the day his family became whole!  This Father’s Day gift idea will make any adoptive father feel special and loved! It will act as a daily reminder of a date which changed the lives of every member of the family.  A gift like this has the power to bring adoptive fathers, joy every time they see it!   

6) A Personalized Children’s Book 

A book that documents the adoptive father and child’s adoption story is a perfect way to make him feel special. Giving an adoptive father this incredibly personal gift provides him with the opportunity to re-read the incredible and life-changing story of his child’s adoption again and again.  He can also read it to his child, bringing them closer together. Having a professionally-made book accompanied with beautifully drawn illustrations can make any adoption story read like the fairy tale it truly is!

Six Gift Ideas to Make an Adoptive Father Feel Special

Father’s Day is an important holiday for every kind of dad; it is a day when their children can let them know that they are loved and appreciated when those sentiments oftentimes go unsaid. This becomes even more amplified for fathers who chose adoption. These gift ideas are an amazing place to start when it comes to making the adoptive father in your life feel special!

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