6 Top Gift Ideas for Birth Fathers 

6 Top Gift Ideas for Birth Fathers 

It can be challenging to select the appropriate gift to give the person who gave you one of life’s most precious gifts. While we often consider the birth mother more when it comes to adoption, it is important to acknowledge the birth father as well. After all, he played an equally important role in giving you your child. If the birth father is known and in the picture, you might want to show your gratitude by giving him a gift. 

It’s best to consult your adoption agency first for advice on their policies, but it never hurts to start looking. As we approach Father’s Day, Adoption Choices of Las Vegas compiled a list of gifts ideas for birth fathers to let them know we are thinking of them and that  they are appreciated.

Gift Ideas for Birth Fathers:

1) Photo Album 

Like any parent, your camera roll might be filled with memories of your little one. Since the birth father may not see his child on a daily basis, this is a creative way to display your favorites in a photo album and give him an idea of his child’s growth. It can be a nice way for him to have a compilation of his child’s milestones. 

This preservation of memories is something that will surely be appreciated as well. He may not have been present for them, but this will make him feel as if he was there. Furthermore, they don’t take up phone storage and can make time stand still. It can also assure him that his child is happy, healthy and loved. 

2) Engraved Jewelry

Whether it’s a watch with the birth father’s name or his child’s name, this heartfelt gift is the birth father’s way of always having his child with him. Engraving adds more a personal and thoughtful touch, especially if it has his child’s name on it. If you’re not a fan of gifting watches, you might also consider a dog tag or bracelet, depending on his style. 

We often consider jewelry to be feminine, but there are many tasteful jewelry pieces that are for men or are gender neutral. No matter the distance, he’ll always be wearing a piece of his child.

3) Gift Cards

These have a tendency to be considered impersonal, but they are actually a pretty practical gift. It can be relieving to have an expense such as food or gas covered so you can save your money. You may not know his whole financial situation, so this might help more than you know. 

Who doesn’t like being treated to a tank of gas, a nice dinner or even a movie? The possibilities are endless. 

4) Photo Quilt

This is a gift that will embrace him with cute pictures and warmth. Not only does it take up little space, it is also a very practical present. 

These are known to be passed down from generation to generation, so this is sure to be in the family for years to come. When he can’t be with his child, this can help him feel close to him/her. 

5) A Gift Basket

Many companies sell pre-made gift baskets, but a handmade one works as well. You can fill it with trinkets, snacks or other treats that you think he might like. Some ideas include: clothes, lottery tickets, beef jerky, candy, or some grooming tools. 

This is also great because he can use the basket for storage. Additionally, gift baskets are fun to make and aesthetically pleasing. It’s amazing how some ribbon, wicker, and useful goodies can all come together to make an amazing gift. 

6) A Letter

If you haven’t already, write him a letter to express your gratitude. While materialistic items are still appreciated, sometimes the best gifts are given from the heart. After all, he is equally as responsible for giving you the most priceless gift of all. 

It’s important to note that you don’t have to overthink this. No amount of money can buy the gratitude that you have for him. It’s the thought that counts. 

Birth Fathers and Father’s Day

There is no perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. Chances are, the birth father will appreciate any thoughtful gesture. For birth fathers who are known and in the picture, this time of year can be hard for them, but the simplest gift can go a long way. 

To fathers of all kinds: Happy Father’s Day!

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