Drug addicted and Pregnant: Adoption is Still an Option

Drug addicted and Pregnant: Adoption is Still an Option

Drug addicted and Pregnant: Adoption is Still an Option

If you are struggling with a drug addiction as an expectant birth mother, we know that there are several options to consider. Ultimately, you want what is best for your baby, and we are here to help you achieve that. 

At Adoption Choices of Las Vegas, we withhold judgement and are here solely to support you and walk you through the process of placing your baby. While most people can never understand the position you find yourself in, it is our mission to assist you in whatever way you need so that you can deliver a healthy baby and place them with a loving family. Being drug addicted and pregnant does not mean you have to face this alone. We are here for you!

Reviewing Your Options

Battling a drug addiction throughout your pregnancy may seem like an impossible feat. However, you have many choices available to you that can help to lighten your load. Even before deciding whether or not adoption is right for you, we are available to assist you in the earliest steps. We are always here to help talk you through all of the available pathways that you could choose and to offer you multiple resources which can ultimately help you throughout this process. There are several agencies in the Las Vegas area that are put in place to help you and we will provide you with the proper avenues to get in touch with the right people. 

We are not an addiction treatment clinic, but we are available 24/7 to get you in touch with an agency that suits your needs. Call or text us to speak with one of our adoption specialists, and to receive further information on the numerous resources available to you.

Why Adoption?

Adoption can be the right choice for you for several reasons. The first, and most important, being that you want to do what is right for your baby. While it may be hard to see right now, placing your baby for adoption is not a selfish thing to do. Rather, admitting to yourself that you are not ready to raise a child properly while going through all of the challenges that come with recovering from a drug addiction is one of the most selfless choices you can make for your baby. 

Placing your baby also does not mean that you will never have contact with them again. We assure you that you are in charge of your own adoption plan and that means you can choose to have an open adoption. This will allow you to remain in contact with your baby and your chosen adoptive family and gives you the opportunity to form relationships with them. This form of adoption also allows you the chance to explain the choices that you made to your child later on in their life. With the option of choosing an open adoption plan, your child will never have unanswered questions, and it will give you the opportunity to reconnect with your child after you have recovered.

Drug Testing at Hospitals 

Another reason that adoption may be the best choice for you if you are drug addicted and pregnant is avoiding the possible complications that come with hospital mandated drug testing. Your healthcare provider may opt to test you or your baby for substances, such as opioids, in the bloodstream. If these test results come back positive, it could cause problems in regards to the custody of your baby.

If you choose to set up an adoption plan before giving birth, you can avoid the anxiety that comes with a drug test. We will be sure to have concrete plans in place for you and your baby prior to the birth so that all you have to worry about is delivering a happy and healthy child when your due date comes around. The stress that can be caused by a possible drug test is not good for you or your baby and so choosing adoption helps to take that pressure off. We are here to ensure a smooth adoption process and a beautiful ending to your story, and this can be made possible by having an established plan in place before giving birth.

Finding Families

Contrary to what you may think, there are many families waiting and fully prepared to take in a baby who has possibly had exposure to drugs. At Adoption Choices of Las Vegas, our goal is to help you find the best family for your baby, no matter what your circumstances may be. We have many families available to you that are eager to provide your baby with a loving and happy home, so don’t be afraid to reach out and see what your options are. These potential adoptive families have been preparing and they are excited to become a part of your adoption plan.

Drug Addicted and Pregnant 

While we may never fully be able to understand your situation, we admire you and the strength you are displaying for yourself and your baby. Battling a drug addiction is hard enough, but adding a baby to the mix, makes it feel almost impossible. We want to help lighten the weight on your shoulders and assist you in finding the ideal home for your baby. It is possible to write a happy ending to this story, and adoption might just be the answer you have been looking for.

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