Birth Mother Financial Assistance and the Adoption Process

Birth Mother Financial Assistance and the Adoption Process

After making the brave decision to place your baby for adoption, one of the most common concerns among birth mothers is what kind of monetary help will be available to them. At Adoption Choices of Las Vegas, we want your only concern to be the heath of yourself and your baby. That’s why we work to provide birth mother financial assistance through every step of your adoption journey! 

There are several options available to you through our agency, your state and the government  to ensure that you never feel as if you are alone. We are here to help!

Covered Expenses 

During your pregnancy, you have the opportunity to receive financial aid for many of the expenses you handle in your day to day life. Rent, transportation, maternity clothes and other basic needs are just some of the aspects of your adoption journey that you can receive financial help for. 

There are varying levels of financial aid available. The first step in receiving help would be to talk with one of our adoption professionals. They will look over all of your options and review them with you to ensure that you are receiving everything that you are owed.CALL OR TEXT 702-474-4673 to get the process started!


An additional expense that we can assist with, if it is applicable, is your need for counseling. We understand the emotional weight that deciding to place your baby for adoption can carry, and we do not ever want you to shoulder that alone. We can provide you with the necessary resources you may need from the beginning of your journey all the way until the end. Having a counselor who knows your specific adoption case can help you to work through the extremely emotional process that adoption is, and help to find peace within your decision.

At our agency, we offer free counseling services for birth mothers, birth fathers if he is interested, and other family members or children who would like to have counseling as well.

Birth Mother Financial Assistance

There’s no question that pregnancy can create financial stress. But now that you have the information, hopefully we can help to lift that burden! You have made the incredibly brave and selfless choice to place your baby for adoption, and so the only concern you should have is finding an amazing family for your baby! 

Now that you know the options available to you, you have the power to make an informed choice. We can help you to find what works best for you to alleviate the financial strain of pregnancy. As always, we are here for you and we want to know that you never have to feel alone in your journey.

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