5 Positive Feelings You can Expect after Placing Your Baby for Adoption

5 Positive Feelings You can Expect after Placing Your Baby for Adoption

It’s over. After months of preparation. Your Vegas adoption plan is complete, all the paperwork has been signed and filed, and your baby has been born. You pack up the last of your belongings from your hospital bed, take one last look around the room and walk down the hallway towards the exit. Various emotions surge through you, and it’s hard to describe how exactly you feel. At one point, you anticipated feeling awful and overwhelmed in only negative emotions. Yet, as you head home, you’re surprised to feel a smile creep across your face. 

Are positive emotions okay to feel after your baby goes home with their new adoptive family? Absolutely! Adoption is a complex and emotional process that affects each and every birth mother differently. There may be times where you experience negative emotions, but there are definitely positive feelings you can expect after placing your baby for adoption

Adoption Choices of Las Vegas has put together a resource that lists the top five most common positive emotions you may experience, and can look forward to, after your birth child starts their new life with their adoptive family. 

  1. Relief

Remember that smile you felt as you left the hospital? That was relief. The weight of the adoption process, and your anxiety of raising a child when you were unable to, lifted off your shoulders. The release of all the stress you’ve felt over the past few months — gone. Your birth child is taken care of. You’ve helped an adoptive parents’ dream true. It’s the reassurance that everything is going to be okay! You can now freely pursue your life goals and have peace of mind that your birth child is in good hands. 

  1. Motivation

With this newfound freedom and peace of mind, you may feel motivated to start something new or finish something that you started before pregnancy. Whether this is finishing or starting school,  actively working towards that promotion, or securing a stable job — all of these options and more can be something that you are motivated to do.  The sky’s the limit!

  1. Gratitude

Nothing calms or touches a mother’s heart like knowing her birth child will grow up happy, healthy and safe. Knowing that your adoptive family is ensuring this, and can provide the life you envisioned for him or her can create feelings of gratitude. This, in turn, can warm your heart and give you assurance that you made the right choice.

If you chose an open or semi-open adoption agreement with the adoptive parents, you can tell them just how grateful you are when you meet up again. Or, you can write them a letter or talk to them on the phone. You may find that they feel the same way, and that they express their eternal gratitude to you as well!

  1. Support

When you choose adoption for you and your child, you are forever part of the adoption triad. That is, the symbol of adoption that represents the connection you share with your adoptive parents and your birth child. It forms you all together for a lifetime as an extended family. Depending on the type of adoption you chose, and the relationship you developed with the adoptive parents during the adoption process, you know that you will forever support and be there for each other should there ever be a need.

Along with this, you will always have the support of your adoption caseworker and our adoption counselors at Adoption Choice of Las Vegas. If you ever want to place another child, it’s completely okay to use our services again, just as it’s okay to see post-placement support from our adoption counselors should you need it at any point during your healing process. We will always be there for you.

A third way to experience support after placing your baby for adoption is through a birth mother support group. You can attend meetings anytime you want — on good days and bad. Many birth mothers find that reaching out to other birth mothers who understand is very helpful, as this may help you form another lifelong type of support system that will always be there for you. 

  1. Hope

There are so many things to be hopeful for now that you have placed your baby in a nurturing household. In addition to feeling relief, motivation, gratitude and like you have lots of support, you can have hope for how your relationship with your adoptive parents and birth child will grow as the years pass. You can be hopeful for your baby’s future and how you have impacted that through your choices. 

You can also be hopeful for yourself and your future more than before. Having a baby may lead you to realizing what you are capable of, which may spark some hope into your life. Hope is something that you may not have had before, but you do now thanks to the beauty that is adoption.

Positive Feelings You can Expect after Placing Your Baby for Adoption

As a birth mother, placing your child for adoption and hand-selecting the adoptive parents who will raise him or her is one of the greatest things you can do for all of you. It keeps all of your best interests at heart, helps adoptive parents’ dreams come true and allows you all the chance to live your best life. With this realization, there are many positive emotions you can experience in regards to your adoption journey. 

Know that all the feelings you have — both positive and negative — are valid. It is okay to feel any of the positive emotions mentioned above, as well as others, after placing your baby for adoption. If you have any questions, or are in need of post-placement support, don’t hesitate to reach out to Adoption Choice of Las Vegas. We are here for you in whatever way we can be. 

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