4 Ways to Involve Your Family in Your Adoption Plan in Vegas

4 Ways to Involve Your Family in Your Adoption Plan in Vegas

4 Ways to Involve Your Family in Your Adoption Plan in Vegas

As a birth mother, being surrounded by those you love may be crucial during your adoption process. There are many ways to involve your family in your adoption plan. Keeping your family in the know, while also educating them about adoption at the same time, can be beneficial for many reasons. 

Adoption Choices of Las Vegas will help facilitate communication between you and your family, if you would like. Our free counseling sessions do extend to immediate family or the child’s birth father. Yet, even without our help, if you want your family involved, you can initiate and maintain contact with them. 

If you aren’t sure how to begin, here are some ways that you can include your family in your adoption journey.

  1. Educate Your Family about Adoption

Adoption may be something your family is not familiar with. Perhaps it’s something they are skeptical about. Maybe they aren’t entirely supportive of it. Keeping your family in the loop with things you’re learning about can help with this. Not only will this help you commit everything to memory better, but it will also help your family understand more about adoption and how the adoption process works. Be sure to explain to them your reasons for why you chose adoption, and how you feel about the decision. If they see that you are confident in your choice, they may relax more.

It’s natural for your family to be confused by adoption in the beginning — especially if they don’t know much about it, or have preconceived ideas from the media and society. But the more they learn — and you learn together — the more they may support you and agree to walk alongside you when needed.

  1. Tell Your Family about the Adoptive Family You Selected

One of the biggest decisions you’ll face in the adoption process is choosing who you want to raise your baby. This aspect may be something your family is especially curious or even worried about. If this is the case, tell them about the adoptive family you choose. Show them the profile of the couple or individual. Doing this is a good way to include them and put their mind at ease.

If you are wanting your family to be involved in your adoption plan, having them know about the adoptive family could be very beneficial — especially if you’ve chosen an open adoption agreement. Not only will this allow both families the potential of getting to know one another, but it will also give your family the opportunity to build a relationship with your birth child post placement. 

  1. Let Your Family Go to Your Doctor’s Appointments

A great way to include your family, and keep them updated, is to have them go to your doctor’s appointments with you, if they are allowed in with you. This can also help make sure you never feel alone. After all, during your adoption journey, you may feel a variety of emotions. Having a family member there to talk to and be supportive in the ups and downs can be beneficial. 

  1. Invite Your Family to Support You at the Hospital

Perhaps one of the greatest ways to involve your family in your adoption plan is to invite them to support you at the hospital when it’s time to give birth. Whether this is in the delivery room, lobby or hospital room after your child arrives, knowing that they are there for you can be emotionally, mentally and physically calming. The hospital experience is the part of the adoption journey where emotions may be heightened, so having extra support is beneficial and important.

Having a family member or two present with you at the hospital can also help when it’s time to leave. Even though you won’t be bringing your birth child home, you don’t have to go home alone. You can go home with the love and support of your family, who understands the gift you gave. 

Ways to Involve Your Family in Your Adoption Plan

Involving your family in the specialness and, oftentimes, emotional adoption process may be important to you. The ability to help educate your own family on the adoption process is not something many women get to do. Adoption is a wonderful gift you can give, and sharing that with people you care about can make your adoption journey all the more impactful.

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