What You Need to Know About Open Adoption with Lesbian Adoptive Parents

What You Need to Know About Open Adoption with Lesbian Adoptive Parents

What You Need to Know About Open Adoption with Lesbian Adoptive Parents

As a birth mother beginning the adoption process in Las Vegas, there are many different factors for you to consider. The first being which type of adoption plan best fits you and your needs. We are here to help you with that decision! If you are someone who wants to have the option of reconnecting with your baby later on in their life, then an open adoption plan may be the best route for you. However, the choice between an open and closed adoption is not the only decision you’ll have to make at the beginning of your journey.

Choosing to pursue LGBT adoption is a great option for you, and it can go along perfectly with both an open or a closed adoption plan. Of course, LGBT adoption will look a little different depending on which plan you choose. Let’s look at what you need to know about open adoption with lesbian adoptive parents so that you can have all of the facts to make an informed decision!

Renewed Sense of Control 

One of the biggest benefits of choosing an open adoption plan is gaining a sense of control This fact remains with lesbian adoptive parents as well. Knowing that you have the option to maintain a connection with your baby and their adoptive family even after they have been adopted provides you with a sense of control. This can reassure you that your baby is growing up the way you intended for them. 

Having the ability to have regular interactions with your chosen lesbian adoptive parents can also give you peace of mind in the choice that you have made. It is normal for birth mothers to overthink their choice of adoptive parents and with an open adoption plan, you can have access to the family after the adoption has gone through. This will decrease any anxiety you may be feeling.

Forming a Relationship with Your Baby

This is one of the most important aspects to know about this form of adoption. Choosing an open adoption plan allows you, as a birth mother, to still feel a connection to your baby after the adoption process is complete. You have the ability to form a meaningful and lasting relationship with your child along with the lesbian adoptive parents that you have chosen to raise them. Having the option to maintain this relationship can provide you with a sense of security, as well as reduce any harsh feelings that your child may feel around their adoption.

As far as what you need to know about open adoption goes, this is a big one because while it can directly benefit you, it also has numerous positives for your child. Having a relationship with you, in any capacity, gives them an outlet to have any questions they may have around their adoption answered, straight from the source. This path for open communication fosters positive feelings around your child’s adoption rather than the bitterness that can sometimes result from unanswered questions. 

Connection to Roots

Another important aspect of open adoption is that your child will have the ability to feel a connection to their roots and where they came from. While your chosen lesbian adoptive parents will be the ones providing your baby with a good and loving home, they may still wish to feel a connection to their biological origins as well. This is a normal desire, and one that can be easily fulfilled if you choose to pursue an open adoption plan. Knowing that they have the option to reach out to you and gain a meaningful connection to where they came from gives your child the opportunity to put down roots in two places: within their adoptive family and their biological family.


This goes for both yourself and your adopted child as well. Choosing an open adoption plan with lesbian adoptive parents can give you both a heightened sense of confidence. For yourself, as a birth mother, you will gain assurance in your choice to place your baby and the lesbian adoptive parents you have selected when you have the privilege of seeing your child grow into the person they were always meant to be. Seeing first hand that you made the right choice and that your child is benefiting from it can lead to a great increase in self-confidence that can be hard to find anywhere else! 

In terms of your child’s self-confidence, an open adoption plan can boost that because of the connection they have to their family history. A history that will feel even more personal coming directly from you! This added self-confidence and understanding of their history will ultimately work to benefit your child in the long run.

Open Adoption with Lesbian Adoptive Parents 

These are just come of the added benefits of choosing to pursue open adoption with lesbian adoptive parents. Leaving the channels of communication open between yourself and your child and their adoptive family will help to provide answers to important questions and work to enhance your child’s life and experience with their adoption. 

It is important to understand that you are the only person who is able to decide which adoption plan best fits your goals, at Adoption Choices of Las Vegas it is our job to make sure you are as informed and prepared as possible to begin your adoption journey!

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