Top 4 Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month as a Birth Mother

Top 4 Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month as a Birth Mother

November is not only known for Thanksgiving get-togethers and holiday preparation, it is also National Adoption Month! Officially celebrated from November 1st to the end of the month, there are many reasons to embrace adoption. Adoption has completed countless families and has been a saving grace for numerous birth mothers. 

It is also important to recognize the adoption professionals that make adoption happen. From social workers to counselors, everyone involved in this field deserves to be acknowledged. Doing so helps lessen the stigma and can potentially encourage others to choose adoption. 

Take a look at our top 4 reasons to recognize National Adoption Month

1) Encourages adoption

Adoption is important because it helps create families and gives birth mothers a safe option to place their baby in a loving home. While adoption stories are always interesting to hear and encouraged, recognizing National Adoption Month is a way of emphasizing adoption month and its significance. A birth mother might hear an adoption success story and decide to go through with adoption for her unwanted pregnancy. A prospective adoptive family might hear that story and be inspired to start or go through with the adoption process. This recognition can incredibly impact birth mothers and adoptive families, and has the ability to reach so many.

2) Celebrates adoptive parents

Adoptive parents and families are a vital element of adoption, as they are ultimately the baby’s “forever home.” Adopting can bring happiness to many adoptive families, but the process often comes with feelings of stress and hopelessness. There are stacks of paperwork involved, and the birth mother can change her mind at any time before the baby is born. Recognizing National Adoption Month highlights adoption stories and gives hope to prospective adoptive parents. 

3) Raises awareness of the adoption process

The adoption process in Vegas can be confusing and overwhelm birth mothers and adoptive parents. Creating more dialogue about this process may ease your concerns and help you walk through what adoption really is. Adoptive families and birth parents are the main equation when it comes to adoption, but having these discussions may also lead someone to become a social worker, adoption counselor, or pursue another career in the field of adoption. The possibilities are endless.

4) Celebrates birth mothers

Birth parents are clearly a very integral part of the adoption process, and they deserve to be celebrated. Often when people think about adoption, what comes to mind is the adoptee or adoptive parents. Birth parents are quickly forgotten, although they play a huge role. 

Recognizing National Adoption Month as a birth mother lets society know that there are many pieces to the puzzle in this process of creating a family. Regardless of the type of adoption that you choose (open, semi-open, or closed), you still have to face the permanent decision that you made, although it was very selfless. Not only will you let other birth mothers know that they are not alone, but you can hopefully inspire potential birth mothers to choose adoption as well, if they are facing an unexpected pregnancy.  

Top 4 Reasons to Recognize National Adoption Month

Adoption Choices of Las Vegas can help answer any questions you have about adoption. We encourage you to share your adoption experience (if you have one) and learn more about the process if you have not already.

To all of the adoptive families, you are appreciated. You have changed so many lives and have helped so many birth mothers.

To all of the birth mothers, we thank you for courageously choosing adoption. You have given the most priceless gift to adoptive families and they are forever grateful. 

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