David & Kym

Even though we had a very positive experience with our birth parents, they chose to parent. Through the entire rollercoaster of ups and downs and all that our adoption entailed, Lainie was kind, supportive and professional. She was empathetic without being fake. We are forever changed (in a good way) from our month in Reno. We are so blessed that even in the middle of the 72 hours we had a loving cradle care worker, an amazing adoption worker, and the people in Reno were kind and supportive as well. For us, what could have been bad was good, because you all were willing to look for the positive during a stressful time. We are forever grateful that we were in Reno to become Tyler’s family. He is a blessing and truly a gift. Lainie and Maire were willing to work with us each step of the way. They listened and valued who we are. Both were willing to go beyond conventional for us.