Thinking About Adoption?
How to Make a Reno Adoption Plan

For pregnant women and birth mothers alike, the journey to find their child an adoptive family can be positively life-changing as easily as it can be a life-altering challenge. Depending on the choices a pregnant woman or birth mother makes, in regards to her adoption plan, will make all the difference towards the wonderment that is received through the adoption process.

At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we are adamant about increasing the beauty of adoption through the eyes of every birth mother. With the adoption process beginning as a journey into the unknown for most pregnant women, the implementation of a foolproof adoption plan will be an exceptional foundation for any future choices. After working with the staff at our adoption agency, we hope you will get a more clear picture of the initial steps to making an adoption plan.

How to Make a Reno Adoption Plan

Thinking about adoption? Wondering how to make a Reno adoption plan? Look no further because we have a quick and easy step-by-step guide on starting your adoption process and choosing what is best for you and your little one. Adoption Choices of Nevada has a quick guide on the necessary steps to making your adoption plan, such as choosing what kind of communication you want, the assistance you may require, and the adoptive family for post-placement. The good news is that you are in complete control of your adoption plan, and we are here to help!

1 – Communicating with Your Adoption Caseworker

Embarking on the journey to find your baby a loving home will always begin with your partnership at our adoption agency. Your assigned caseworker for the adoption process will be by your side to answer any arising questions. Here, you will receive the opportunity to express the desires you have regarding your child’s future.

All the communication with your adoption caseworker is one of the key matters to finding your baby the home you believe to be best for his or her development. Don’t feel discouraged by any amount of questions you may have during your adoption journey. Remember, our staff is ecstatic to answer your questions and receive your concerns. Finding your baby a safe, compassionate and integral adoptive family begins between you and our adoption agency.


2 – Select Your Type of Adoption

Open Adoption: This means open communication between you and your child and their adoptive parents. This can include in-person visits, photos, phone calls, or virtual as well as receiving updates about your child from their adoptive parents.

Semi-Open Adoption: There is communication between you and your child post-placement, but it is typically done through adoption agencies. You can receive annual photos from your child’s adoptive parents. This type of plan can give you some form of privacy.  

Closed Adoption: This plan means there is no communication between you and your child post-placement. Many birth mothers choose this because contact can be painful and can be a form of closure. Keep in mind it’s important to remember what you might want in the future and if your needs change. 


3 – Choose Adoption Services Assistance 

Financial Stability: if you’re facing financial instability, part of your adoption plan can ensure you are getting your needs covered. This means Adoption Choices of Nevada can help with necessary expenses like bills or groceries.   

Medical Care: Your adoption plan can also cover any medical assistance you require. We can help you create a schedule of regular visits to your OBGYN and a birth plan. 

Housing and Transportation 


4 – Choose Your Child’s Adoptive Family 

This step is not required, but it can give you comfort to know what family your child will go to post-placement. Your adoption specialist can provide you with different profile books featuring other potential adoptive families and their information if you’re interested. Then, once you’ve decided, you can schedule a virtual or in-person meeting. 


Thinking About Adoption?

Are You Ready to Take the Initial Steps to Making an Adoption Plan? 

If you are pregnant and thinking about adoption we can help. We hope you remember that your journey as a birth mother remains as a wonderful participation in making families. At Adoption Choices of Nevada, we understand that these steps for the adoption process can be daunting. However, it is our pleasure to help you find a strategy and blanket of comfort as you prepare to see your child off into a grateful, adoptive family. 

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