Healthy Foods to Eat With an Unplanned Pregnancy

Healthy Foods to Eat With an Unplanned Pregnancy

Healthy Foods to Eat With an Unplanned Pregnancy

It’s no secret that cravings come along with pregnancy. It may be difficult to abruptly go from eating for one to having to be especially cautious that what you put into your body is healthy for the little one growing inside of you. It’s completely OK to have mixed emotions about not only the unplanned pregnancy, but the changes in your eating habits as well. That’s what we’re here for!

If you have special dietary restrictions, you can work with your doctor to determine the best diet for you. While altering your diet might seem intimidating, you may end up discovering a new favorite food or two along the way. You’re still entitled to a desired cheat day every now and then, but the majority of your diet during pregnancy should be food rich in nutrients to ensure your baby is born healthy. Adoption Choices of Las Vegas has put together a list of healthy foods to eat with an unplanned pregnancy.

Spinach & other leafy greens

Vegetables, such as spinach, are chalk full  of numerous vitamins. Spinach has tons of Vitamin A, C and K, and is rich in fiber. This is very helpful in easing the constipation that pregnancy often brings. By aiding your digestion and providing nutrients for your baby, it’s a win-win situation!

Furthermore, spinach keeps you energized. Fatigue is very common during pregnancy, so consuming this vegetable will give you more energy throughout the day.


Not only do they taste delicious, but each one provides special nutrients that help you and your baby stay healthy. The high iron and vitamin content of berries build healthy skin cells and are great for the immune system.

While you can purchase these at the grocery store, they’re also very fun to pick and can be added to lots of food for extra flavor! 


One of the great things about yogurt is the wide variety of flavors that it comes in. You can add fruit to the vanilla flavor, but there are flavors such as banana, strawberry and peach as well. It’s also rich in calcium and is healthy for your bones. More importantly, yogurt contains healthy bacteria that is soothing for upset stomachs.

Bran muffins/cereal

Bran is another food that is high in fiber and aids in digestion. You can find it in select muffins and cereals. 

Whole wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is a must-eat food during pregnancy. Because of the high folic acid and fiber content, it’s a sure way to help digestion and reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Other types of whole grain include: oatmeal, barley and quinoa. 


Legumes such as beans are great for the production of the baby’s red blood cells and nervous system development. There are a vast amount of beans to try, so you’re sure to find one that you can tolerate during pregnancy. 


Eggs are another versatile food filled with nutrients. On the more tasty side, they help the development of the baby’s brain as well. While you shouldn’t eat raw or undercooked eggs, they can be made in a variety of different ways. The folic acid helps reduce the risk of birth defects and they contain over a dozen vitamins and minerals!

Healthy Foods to Eat With an Unplanned Pregnancy

As you navigate through your pregnancy, know that this is one aspect that you have the most control over. It can feel overwhelming to have another person taking over your body, but choosing what and when to eat with the best interest for your baby in mind can help you feel more like you’re in control. 

Adoption Choices of Las Vegas wishes you luck on this journey and is here to support you in every way. Pregnancy brings a lot of spontaneity, but the one thing that’s for sure is that you will always have a team on your side. 

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