Exploring the Differences Between Newborn Adoption and Infant Adoption

Exploring the Differences Between Newborn Adoption and Infant Adoption

Exploring the Differences Between Newborn Adoption and Infant Adoption

As someone with an unexpected pregnancy, the adoption process may feel like a lot at times and may be stressful. As you start your adoption journey, two terms that will come up, and may be confusing are, “newborn adoption” and “infant adoption.” While the internet is usually a wealth of information, it doesn’t provide clear definitions when it comes to these two terms. That’s why Adoption Choices of Las Vegas is here to share the differences between newborn adoption and infant adoption with you

What is Newborn Adoption?

Some expectant mothers experiencing unexpected pregnancies know that they cannot take care of their child, so they start the adoption process before their due date. They seek out a Vegas adoption agency that will guide them and ensure that their baby finds a loving, caring and supportive home. This is what newborn adoption is. When the birth mother and the adoption agency work together before the baby’s due date to ensure a worry-free adoption journey. 

Choosing to create an adoption plan before the baby is born allows an expectant mother to prepare and not feel rushed to place her baby for adoption. With newborn adoption, she can start her adoption journey at any point during her pregnancy. From the moment she discovers she’s pregnant, to any of the three trimesters. We do encourage those who are planners, though, to begin sooner rather than later.

What is Infant Adoption?

When a birth mother determines adoption is best when their child is between the ages of birth to 12 months, infant adoption is a good option. Birth mothers may not have realized until a little later that parenthood is not a good fit for them. This late realization may happen for various reasons. Birth mothers may not have realized that their current finances cannot provide enough for them and their baby. Other situations that they did not predict during the pregnancy may occur. For example, the loss of support and guidance they expected. Many things can happen, and they can change life situations unexpectedly.

But no matter what the circumstances, it’s completely okay! There is nothing selfish or shameful about admitting you’re not in a place where you can provide the best life for your child. That is where choosing infant adoption comes in. It provides you with an excellent solution. Adoption is still an option — even after your baby has been born. . 

Adoption: Do What is Best For You

As you’re learning the differences between newborn adoption and infant adoption, it’s important to know that it’s never too late to choose adoption for you and your child. Not when you are focused on your child’s future and want the very best for them. Placing your baby for adoption may be a very difficult and challenging decision to come to, but it is truly a selfless, loving and brave one to make. Always remember that doing what’s best for you and your child is never something to feel guilty about, and far outweighs anything else.

What’s more, you will have support and guidance along the way to ensure that you both are well taken care of. Your child will be placed with an adoptive family who is looking to grow their family, and you will have peace of mind that your child will be loved and supportive as he or she grows up.

Adoption Choices of Las Vegas is here to help you and provide you with all the resources you need. Our adoption agency offers both newborn and infant adoption services to accomodate you, no matter what your circumstances. Adoption Choices of Las Vegas has been providing adoption and surrogacy services across in Las Vegas since 2012. For information more general to Nevada, please visit our mother site Adoption Choices of Nevada. For information specific to Reno, please visit our sister site Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Reno. You can also call us to speak to someone now. Contact Us 24/7: CALL OR TEXT 702-474-4673

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