Baby Adoption in Las Vegas

Baby Adoption in Las Vegas

Adoption Choices of Las Vegas is a full-service, licensed, nonprofit adoption agency. We offer adoptive services to prospective birth mothers who choose to place their baby for adoption. We also assist hopeful adoptive parents through the adoption process. What sets us apart from others includes our commitment to equality and inclusion. We pride ourselves on accepting birth mothers from different cultures, circumstances, lifestyles, and stories. We realize that every woman who needs our services has a unique situation and our adoption plans are customized to meet her needs.

Additionally, we welcome traditional (male/female father/mother) families and nontraditional families such as same-sex couples, single mother or single father homes, and multi-cultural or transracial families. We do not discriminate based on gender, lifestyle, nor religious preferences. We are not a faith based agency nor do we require a statement of faith to work with us.

We are passionate about making the best adoption plan possible for everyone involved in the adoption triad. With clear communication, ethical and legal practices, and compassionate support from experienced social workers, we operate with LOVE and FAMILY driving our mission.

Why work with Adoption Choices of Las Vegas?

  • We are the experts in adoption. We have been providing adoption services in Nevada (and across the U.S.) since 2008.
  • We have an experienced staff of adoption social workers, home study experts, social services administrators, and legal counsel.
  • We provide assistance for open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoptions. Birth mothers choose the level of openness they wish to maintain with the adoptive family.
  • We provide financial assistance for birth parents which might include rent and utilities, food and groceries, maternity clothes and household items.
  • We provide medical assistance for birth mothers ensuring she has proper prenatal care, a birth plan, and transportation to monthly appointments.
  • We provide counseling and support groups – for life. We know that adoption is a difficult choice and maybe days, weeks, or even a year after placement you might need support – we are here.
  • For adoptive families, we offer full home-study services, adoptive parent training, adoption marketing, and post placement supervision.

When we committed to full-service assistance, we meant it! We are with birth mothers from the moment she chooses adoption with us, through pregnancy and the adoption process, to birth, placement, and post-placement support. We make sure adoptive families are well informed, paperwork and documents are complete, and you feel confident with every step of your journey.

If you are a birth mother and need help now, contact us online or Call or Text 702-474-4673.

If you are an adoptive parent hoping to adopt a baby, contact us online here!