Adoption in Las Vegas: An Adoption Choices Scenario

Adoption in Las Vegas: An Adoption Choices Scenario

Adoption in Las Vegas: An Adoption Choices Scenario

At Adoption Choices of Las Vegas, we strive to cater to you.  No matter what your circumstances are, we want to help you find the best adoption plan to fit your unique needs and desires. Whether that means matching you with an adoptive family looking for open adoption, an LGBT adoptive family, a single parent adoption, or another adoption plan entirely. You have already made the challenging choice to place your baby for adoption. Now, it is our job to help you do that in the best way possible. 

Let’s take a look at a scenario that involves placing a baby for adoption in Las Vegas, so that you can better understand this process and how it can work for you.

Creating Your Adoption Plan in Vegas

Just the other day, a woman in her thirties came into our office looking for advice on placing her baby for adoption in Las Vegas. She was already a mother of six and, unfortunately, could not financially provide for another child. Even after trying to work with both herself and her husband’s combined incomes, she had to come to the conclusion that adoption was the best option for both her family and her unborn baby. At this point, it was time to go over all of her options for adoption. She had expressed the desire to reconnect with her baby later on in their life, or possibly even maintain meaningful contact with her chosen adoptive family throughout her baby’s childhood. We told her that an open adoption plan may be the best way to do this! With an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family come to an agreement regarding the terms of communication, and it allows for a connection to be forged between your baby and you.

After reviewing some prospective adoptive families, she decided to go with one that also desired to keep up continuous communication throughout her baby’s childhood. This type of adoption allows her to answer certain questions that her baby may have later on in life while also giving him or her a meaningful connection to their roots and where they came from. She never wants her baby to feel any negative feelings around his or her adoption, and so choosing a plan that allowed her to explain the circumstances of her child’s adoption was the right choice for her.

Financial Relief for Choosing Adoption

After settling on an open adoption plan, the adoption professional this woman had been speaking with then informed her of the numerous financial relief plans available. Since she had previously expressed that financial troubles played a large part in her decision to place her baby, this aspect of the adoption process came as a pleasant surprise for her. 

Our adoption professionals are always there to help our birth mothers in any way possible. We are always ready to provide you with any information you may need. If you are found eligible, you can receive financial assistance from our adoption agency and state funded programs. Be sure to consult with your adoption caseworker to learn more about how this would look in your specific circumstance. 

Fortunately, the birth mother qualified, and we were able to assist her in covering the court-approved expenses of: rent, utilities, groceries, transportation, prenatal care and medical bills. These helped her through her pregnancy and post placement. Her child’s adoptive family was also able to help with covering maternity clothes.  

The Adoption Journey Continues 

This was just the start to our birth mother’s journey with us! She established a strong relationship with her child and their adoptive parents, and things have been going well for them! Shortly after the adoption became finalized, she revisited our office to speak with our adoption counselors. As a birth mother, this came at no cost to her, and was the resource she needed to help her grieve and learn how to move forward in her life. We recognize that the choice she made to place her baby for adoption was not an easy one and will continue to be here for her.

The same goes for any mother who chooses to pursue adoption with our adoption center in Las Vegas. We will be there for you at every turn, putting you and your baby’s needs first. Any questions or concerns you may have, we are always here for you in those moments as well.

Adoption in Las Vegas

If you choose to bring us into your adoption journey, we do not take that lightly. Deciding to place your baby for adoption is just the first step of your voyage. It is our job to help you reach your destination. 

Adoption is a beautiful thing and we want you and your baby to have nothing but good feelings surrounding it. It is our goal to make it a good experience from start to finish. This scenario was just one example of how we can help to cater your baby’s adoption to best fit you. The possibilities are expansive, and they are all just one call away!

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