Private, Domestic, Infant Adoption

Private Adoption

Prospective parents will often work with licensed private agencies like Adoption Choices of Nevada to adopt healthy infants. These adoptions can be more expensive than public agency adoption, based upon what arrangements might be made to cover the cost of care during the pregnancy and at the time of the delivery.

Domestic Adoption

There are different types of domestic adoptions that prospective adoptive parents may choose. State laws and regulations vary and will likely influence the amount of time it takes to receive a child. Conducting the proper research on the types of adoption and agency available to you can help with the adoption process. There are always risks with anything, including adoption. As discussed, unknown medical history, state laws, birth parents changing their minds and other issues are all lead possible risks in domestic adoptions. Adoption is a long journey that can include different challenges along the way, however, the end result can be the creation of a loving home for a child in need and the newly formed family.

Infant Adoption

Infant adoption is defined as the voluntary and permanent placement of an infant for adoption by his or her birth mother. The birth mother picks the adoptive family either through an agency or independently via an ad, attorney or personal contact. From there, the adoption professional will help write out the terms of the adoption process. Each state has different laws that will affect the terms and processes of the adoption. Check here to find out your state’s adoption laws.

Adopting an infant comes with many advantages, and as with everything, some disadvantages as well. Choosing to adopt an infant gives you the opportunity to form an early bond, experience ‘firsts’, and be a part of early teaching experiences. On the flip side, adopting an infant limits your ability to choose gender, if that is important to you. Infant adoption can also have a longer wait period because of the disparity between birth mothers and people looking to adopt.

Which Choice is Right for Me?

Now, how do you know if it’s right for you? Everyone’s journey to adoption is different and personal. No single article or person’s opinion can determine what is right for you and your adoption journey. Be sure to understand all of your options and the benefits and risks that come with each of them. The most important thing is that you are well informed and prepared to take on the emotional, physical, and fiscal responsibility of being an adoptive parent.

Adoption Choices of Nevada would love to answer any of your questions about our program, and to assist you in making an adoption plan that will work for you.